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The creative driving force behind DECUS BEAUTY is Founder, Darcey Wulkan.  Darcey has been a licensed Esthetician in the Day Spa Industry for over 28 years.  Therefore it was a natural progression to cosmetic chemistry, after working with and experiencing a myriad of skin care product lines throughout the years.  See what led Darcey to cosmetic chemistry and skin care formulation below. 

"I'm extremely passionate about proper skincare and skincare products.  The synergy between a proper regime and fabulous products truly makes all the difference. And I'm even more passionate about DECUS BEAUTY.  The fact that I can help my clients with their skin care services as well as their home care regimen, has been a full circle experience.  

After years in the industry, my goal was to find the ultimate product line that would help us grow old gracefully, without all the harsh chemicals, fillers and preservatives, and which would still deliver results.  Something that is environmentally responsible and cruelty-free.  Something for every skin type.  My passion led me to cosmetic chemistry and formulation."

And so DECUS BEAUTY was born.

"Initially, DECUS BEAUTY products were in my treatment room exclusively.  After becoming a breast cancer survivor in 2020, I knew it was my responsibility to make my clean beauty line available to everyone.  We shouldn't have to worry about the health & safety concerns of ingredients within our skin care products.  And with DECUS BEAUTY, we don't have to."